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Why are there no prices listed?

For the most part, we are a factory outlet so our prices tend to be very good. We sell to dealers around the world, for this reason, we do not list our prices. Our dealers in other regions would not appreciate it. We are happy to provide you any pricing you would like.

Price Range?

Pricing for sofas typically starts at $1,499.95+.

Pricing for accent chairs starts at $899.95+.

(We also have a large clearance area where we sell designer samples and factory overruns can be found for lower prices)

Where are you located?

We are located just mins south of the 401 off Westney Road in Ajax at 274 Mackenzie Ave. 

(Parking off Mackenzie or Bayly).

Do you offer a reupholstery service?

Sorry, we do not offer recovering. However, we can sell you our quality upholstery fabrics. Our pricing is very competitive.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver anywhere in the GTA and Durham Region, and seasonally to cottage country.

Where do you ship in Canada?

At this time we only deliver locally, however, we are working on shipping in the near future. Please inquire.

Do you have other locations?

No, our only location in Canada is in Ajax, Ontario, 20 minutes east of Toronto. We do have shoppers from all over Ontario who tell us we are worth the trip.

Do you sell your product in the US?

In the USA, our company operates under the Alan White brand, and is distributed in most states throughout USA.

Email for a dealer near you.

Do you work with commercial clients?

Yes we do! If you are representing a hotel please click HERE to contact us. If you are a design professional or a real estate agent please click HERE.

Do you work with interior designers?

Absolutely! Click HERE to view our Interior Designer benefits.

When I buy a new furniture piece, will you take the furniture piece I'm replacing? What should I do with my old...?

For an extra fee, our delivery team will take your existing sofa or chair to your garage or the curb. There are lots of charities that are always looking for sofas and chairs. The Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, Oshawa ReStore and Value Village just to name a few. Contact your local branch to arrange.

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