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Small Spaces - Living Room

Does size matter? Sklar Peppler says “no way”! Just because you have smaller square footage does not mean you have to sacrifice style for fit. Finding the right piece for your space can be tricky, but we are here to lend a helping hand and a design eye to help you update or upgrade your space - and love it.

In this blog post, we will go over our top 10 tips and tricks when designing for a small living room.

  1. Mirrors. You probably already know about this tip but I cannot stress this enough: having large mirrors in your space will make your space seem larger and increase the amount of light in the room.

  2. Keep your colours light. A light, neutral wall colour will help keep your space feeling airy and open. Add personality and interest in the details. Add interesting patterns and colours to throws, pillows, frames, artwork, book covers and tray.

  3. Add a media center. Media centers can house your TV with plenty of storage underneath for whatever you want! Who says it has to just be for technology? Extra blankets, books, kids toys, games… it’s up to you!

  4. Go Big. I know this sounds funny for a small space tip, but adding a large statement piece will distract your visitor from the size of the room and shift focus to your decor. This could be a large table lamp, a stunning piece of artwork or a fabulous attention-grabbing accent chair.

  5. Use stools. Low on seating? Add small ottomans. Day to day you can use them to rest your feet, add a tray and use it as a small cocktail table or when you have guests use them as additional seating.

  6. Curtains. Use semi-sheer, light colour curtains to keep the light pouring in and have your space feel more open.

  7. Rugs. If your space requires a rug, choose a rug that fits with the furniture plan. Example: Are you creating a conversation area? Or is this room where the furniture faces the TV? Decide which pieces need the rug, and place accordingly. Need help? Contact our design team! Or visit us in store.

  8. “Float” your furniture. Don’t push your furniture right up against a wall. Have some space between to give the illusion that your room is wider than it really is.

  9. High ceilings. If you got em’ flaunt them! Highlight your vertical space with a dramatic curtain length. Doesn’t matter if your windows are not super tall, hang the curtains above your windows with a large buffer space between the top of the window and the curtain bar. Just make sure the fabric is touching the floor.

  10. Think different. When it comes to coffee tables and ottomans, bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes it just makes more sense to get two smaller tables than a single large one. This can improve versatility and increase traffic flow - especially if you have small children or pets!

There you have it! Our top ten tips for making your living room feel spacious and chic.

Need help picking the right pieces? Contact our design consultant team for assistance.


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