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How to Measure for a Design Consultant Meeting and Furniture Delivery

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

So, it's officially spring, out with the old and in with something fresh... You're ready to buy a new sectional, sofa, loveseat, and/or chair. How exciting!! You may think that the first step in furniture shopping is to book a design consultation with one of Sklar Peppler's talented design consultants - and that's sort of true. However, there is a tiny step you might want to do before you meet with us. Measurements. It is always helpful to have a couple of different types of measurements before meeting with your design consultant. It is always good to have measurements of your space so we know which piece would be perfect for your space but, It is also good to have sizes of your door frames, hallways, ceiling height etc to make sure the pieces we select can get to the designated space.

The following are some tips and tricks for how to measure your space and how to prep for your Sklar Peppler delivery!

How to measure for your design consultant meeting:

  1. Measure the length, width, and height of the room. When measuring large rooms, it’s best to work with two people to get accurate dimensions.

  2. You should also measure the distance from the entrance of the room to the opposite wall (This will help determine if you will be able to bring the furniture into the room and maneuver it easily into place.).

  3. Take note of doorways, windows, fireplaces, TV, radiators and built-ins.

  4. Exterior/Interior doorway measurements need to be taken within the doorframe

  5. Identify corners/angles i.e. 90-degree turn into a room from a hallway and if there is a wall that could block the turn

  6. Apartments/homes - hallway height/width

  7. Slanted ceilings (especially going up or down stairs)

  8. If going up or downstairs, is the railing open, or is the railing attached to a solid wall

How to prep your home for a curbside delivery:

A curbside delivery is having your new piece delivered to your driveway or garage.

  1. Make sure your driveway is clear of snow and ice. If the driveway is slippery, add salt or sand to limit hazards.

  2. Make sure the driveway is clear of vehicles so our delivery drivers have space to move.

  3. If you requested that the piece is to be placed in the garage, make sure there is enough room for the delivery team to place your new piece.

How to prep your home for a White Glove delivery:

White Glove delivery is having the furniture piece delivered right to your space and then some! Our delivery team will place your new piece in the designated room, unpackage your sectional/sofa/chair/bed/table and put it together for you and take the garbage with them so you can enjoy your newly furnished space right away.

  1. Make note of any obstructions that block the path of delivery and clear out any obstacles that can be moved (benches, large vases, items on floating shelves, overhead light fixtures, large pieces of art, chair railings, banisters, and bulkheads).

  2. Remove clutter from the path of delivery.

  3. Make sure your driveway is safe from ice and clear from snow and other vehicles.

  4. Remove any other furniture pieces that might be in the path of delivery.

  5. Remove/secure Rugs and doors (if necessary).

  6. Keep your pets in another room during delivery.

  7. If you are in an apartment, measure the elevator height, door width and opposite wall distance.

Below are some tips and tricks for how to measure your space for delivery:

  1. Exterior/front doorway height

  2. Exterior/front doorway width & clearance to the opposite wall

  3. Staircase width

  4. Stairwell overhang/ceiling height

  5. Staircase Corner width & clearance to the opposite wall

  6. Interior doorway height

  7. Interior doorway width & clearance to the opposite wall

There you have it! It is the season for refreshing your space and that comes with preparing for delivery! Need a second opinion or help to measure furniture for your space? At Sklar Peppler, we offer both in-store and in-home appointments. Contact us today to get your dream space started!


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