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Helping the Environment Doesn’t Have to Hurt your Wallet

Happy Earth Day!

Sklar Peppler believes in creating a more Eco friendly future. It’s about doing the right thing to conserve our natural resources and be a part of positive change.

This is how we are being a part of that positive change:

Our Eco Friendly Fabric:

LiveSmart technology combines a performance fiber with a performance finish to give our fabrics inherent durability and longevity. Spills bead up, sitting on top of the fabric until they are gently blotted with a cloth for cleanup. From pets to kids, LiveSmart fabrics can handle whatever your life throws at them...because life happens.

Our Eco Friendly Foam:

An extremely resilient high density (1.8 lb.) soybean based foam with laminated soft foam caps to replace most of the fiber wrap.

Our Eco Friendly Frames:

Our frames are made from hardwoods and engineered materials. Just try lifting one end of our sofas and feel the weight difference to lesser frames. In addition we use 5 hardwood stretcher support nails under a three seater sofa. This prevents twisting, warping or broken frames from the typical standard of only 2 stretcher supports.

Innovating for comfort and our planet.

Contact Debi at (905) 686-3644 x 202 or email her at to learn more.


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